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Wedding Reportage in Bagnoregio- Viterbo

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Photography: Enrico Diviziani and Dario Graziani

Flowers: Settimio Crocoli Bagnoregio

Catering: Primizie & Delizie

Servizio Cocktail-Bar: Caffé Belvedere, Luca Lattanzi

MakeUp: Alessia Mancini

HairStyle: Elisa Bartoloni

The light, the day were fantastic for this wedding, undoubtedly one of the most heartfelt, on my part, especially in this year so hard for this sector, the tenacity in achieving everything on the part of Rachele and Daniele was so contagious. In this marriage I really gave my 110%. I told them, with simple colors, I tried to summarize, as far as possible, what distinguishes them, the serenity they emanate, when they are together is great, Daniele then, the way he looks at her is always Exciting, the great protection shines through. he has towards you. They worked hard to make their home an over-the-top Wedding Location, and I felt the responsibility of doing my best to pay homage to them through these shots. After the ceremony, we went to look for the light, and finally fireworks and wild dances for them .. Good life together Friends! Good vision!