Destination Wedding in Torre Alfina Castle

Beautiful Korean Wedding

Destination Wedding in Torre Alfina Castle

 Italian-Korean Destination Wedding in Torre Alfina Castle

At Castle of Torre Alfina art, history, and landscape create a dreamlike atmosphere for a wedding ceremony that above all deserves to be celebrated in a unique place. Here, where the names of ancient lineages wrote the the pages of history by joining in matrimony, new pages wait to be written and added to a tale that knows no end. The location is ideal for holding wedding celebrations that include wedding receptions either with official and symbolic civil rite. In the tranquillity of the secret garden or in the marvellous interior spaces, the castle will be the lovely place where they can swear eternal love.

E&E’s Destination wedding at torre alfina castle is pure magic and beauty. The bride and groom are so elegant and full of joy. the bride had a beautiful dress, she was stunning! one of my best works. I love torre alfina castle i was born and live here in this land where i breathe the air of home. the staff of torre alfina castle is friendly and always attentive to every need. torre alfina castle is the right place to get married in italy. a magnificent destination wedding in torre alfina castle.

the dining room of the castle is entirely decorated with antique paintings and the imperial table is worthy of a luxury wedding.

after the dinner entertained with live violin and saxophone music we moved to the square below for dancing and good drinks

I hope you will enjoy these incredible shots I took and if you need a wedding photographer please contact me I will be happy to hear from you.

Destination Wedding in Torre Alfina Castle

Photogrpaher: Enrico Diviziani and his staff

catering: DoveVuoiCatering

Flower: Il Giardino delle Idee di Chiara Venue: Torre Alfina Castle