Wedding Proposal Photography

Robert and Rachel, they come from America from the gulf of mexico. REobert recently wrote to me telling me if I could tell me about his wedding proposal that he would have made to rachel, surprisingly in civita di bagnoregio on March 26th, so at 3.30 pm on a cloudy afternoon in civita, he is in the most beautiful alley of civita yes he is kneeling.

I came out from behind a wall ready to catch the love on Rachel’s face, she was stiff and very happy, Robert made her happy and she didn’t expect all this. Then we took a couple of hours and took a tour of civita di bagnoregio photographing them. they were gorgeous, rachel’s smile was beautiful and his eyes full of gratitude. Robert much more than her, he seemed to offer all the protection she wanted.

A magical afternoon that enters my best works, beautiful full of emotion and true love, accomplices and me for granted, free and happy. I always love these couples … I really wish them the best.

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