Hi, my name is enrico diviziani, Wedding Photographer Orvieto

I’ m a Wedding Photographer Orvieto.
In other words: I tell stories through the art I know. I define my work such as a narrative, refined and elegant reportage, wich aims to transmit feelings and to make your memories of marriage vivid.

The “Fil rouge” wich characterizes my photography is the sequentiality of moments, marked by the pressing and immersive rhythm of my costante and discrete presence. I’ m an honest, nice and a little bit sensitive guy, who does his work with passion, determination and dedication.

I don’ t like volgarity, rather I think that simplicity and elegance two original features to enjoy. Inspiration and creativity characterize every merriage I affront, each time in an unique way.

Towards these events I have a lot of respect and I feel an important responsabily.

The look wich has accompanied my own growth, composed by true friendships and enganging experiences, is the same look wich has accompanied my professional growth.

I fought to reach the professionalism that my job requires and i’ m still working to improve my self: an intensive, exciting and gratifying role. I can’ t wait to know you…

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